iPower HPS MH Digital Dimmable Grow Light Electronic Ballast

iPower HPS MH Digital Dimmable Grow Light Electronic Ballast

Features a microprocessor that differentiates between HPS and MH lamps, thus eliminating the need for an extra ballast or a switch.

Plug pattern: For all iPower Digital Ballast and iPower Grow Light Reflectors with Socket & Cord assembly.

Can be mounted in any configuration: Vertical, horizontal, or hanging.

Fully Switchable – 120V & 240V Compatible

  • Operates from 100V to 265V voltage ranges
  • Detects input voltage and draws the proper amps accordingly.

Power Surge Protection – Generator Ready

  • Standard surge protector or circuit breaker is available with every iPower Digital Ballast
  • 8 ft heavy duty power cord included*

Cool-n-Lite – Air Cooled Aluminum Finned Casing

  • The iPower features a powder coated aluminum casing with finned body to maximize heat dissipation. Combined with a 40mm DC fan, the ballast stays on at maximum power without overheating.
  • Internal fan with an aluminum finned casing
  • Internal resin coating protects circuits against moisture and foreign contaminants

Dimmable Lighting Control – 50%, 75%, 100% Power Level

  • The dimming knob changes the desired power level, changing output and power consumption.
  • Dimming control is only available after the lamp reaches operating voltage to ensure proper mixture of the gasses within the filament to ensure a steady spectral output and color temperature of the lamp.
  • Best lumen-per-watt-per-dollar lighting system on the market