Outdoor Essentials Faux Rock, Tan, X-Large

- Real-looking hollow boulder conceals unattractive landscape spoilers such as wires, utility pedestals and irrigation devices.
- Economical-less expensive and easier to install than a real boulder; easy to relocate.
- Fiberglass composite: Strong, weatherproof and long-lasting material; wind resistant; Easy to drill so you can insert a hose or wires.
- HORIZONTAL INTERIOR MEASUREMENTS: Top: 15.5" (W); Between Top and Center: 24.75" (W); Between Center and Bottom: 31.5" (W); Bottom: 26" (W).
- VERTICAL INT MEASUREMENTS: Left: 7.5" (L); Between Left and Center: 21" (L) x 13.75" (H) on bottom, 18.5" (H) on top.