Outsunny Portable 3-Tier Shelf Hexagonal Walk In Greenhouse, 7.5-Feet

This open "walk in" portable greenhouse utilizes lightweight, yet sturdy, PVC coverings built over a powder-coated steel frame. The combination of these two elements is an incredibly durable final product that can be moved from location to location, fitting in tight spaces as available. The zipper door allows for easy access and ventilation while it also can be sealed in to maintain the internal climate. Perfect if you want to reduce excessive heat or cold and keep your seedlings safe throughout the seasons. The "three tiered" hexagonal design adds the shelves and shape that is perfect if you need storage internally and want to fit the greenhouse in specific areas. Start your backyard gardening today with this Outsunny greenhouse.

- Zipper door allows easy access and great ventilation for plants.
- Protects plants from extreme hot or cold weather.
- Perfect for at home gardening.
- Made of PVC covering over a powder coated steel frame.
- Overall greenhouse dimensions: 6.4' Diameter x 7.4'h.