Wooden Flower Stands Plant Display Stand Wood Pot Shelf Storage Rack Outdoor Indoor 6 Pots Holder

- Indoor and outdoor Flower Stands: 6 layers of exhibition space add size and visual diversity for outdoor space, and turn your beautiful garden into a natural plant paradise full of space crisscross and rich sense. Succulent plants, Narcissus, cactus, roses, lilies, tulips, daisies and so on, your favorite.
- Simple and practical design: There is room for natural growth in flowers and flowerpots, so that your plants will enjoy the sunshine in a comfortable environment.
- Natural wood: The bonsai booth is made of pine wood, the city is environmentally friendly materials, and there is no source of pollution. In daily life, garden plant holder will bring you and your lovely plants close to the natural feeling.
- Strong bearing: Plant stand is strong enough to withstand strong winds and heavy rain. The maximum weight is 20 pounds.
- Rich and colorful use: In addition to displaying your lovely bonsai, you can also use it for the pictures of your beautiful memories, the small ornaments of the commemorative meaning, the trophy of the champion and the trophy. And your beautiful handicrafts and elaborate artworks as bookshelves or decorations.