BUBBLEBAGDUDE Grow Bags 5-Pack Breathable Fabric Containers Round Aeration Growing Garden Hydropnic Pot with Sturdy Handles

- THESE ARE THE ORIGINAL WORLD FAMOUS BUBBLEBAGDUDE : 2 GALLON FABRIC GROW CONTAINERS – H8 x W8 - Crafted out of a unique aeration fabric that air-prunes roots for stronger and healthier plants. Helps your plant grow fast and reach their fullest and biggest potential. Belong in any collection of gardening essentials.
- DURABLE YET AFFORDABLE FABRIC GROW POT : Not your ordinary grow pot. Tear Resistant. BPA-Free Fabric. Ensures durable construction that is enough to last for multiple seasons of gardening. The Fabric also aerates soil, prevents heat build-up and allow excess water to drain away.
- GIVE YOUR PLANT A NICE HOME : Our Fabric Grow is perfect healthy environment for roots. If you have poor garden soil, Expand your existing garden. No need to till or amend soil. You’ll use only as much as soil as you need and enjoy the maximum harvest in the minimum space.
- COMES WITH SEVERAL SIZES & STURDY HANDLES : Designed to suit specific crops. 5 Packs available on 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 20, 25 Gallons. Handles for making it easy to move. Allows you to move it around the garden, deck, patio or porch.
- GREAT FOR : Hydroponic Applications both indoors and outdoors.Best to grow your tomatoes, bell pepper, sweet potatoes, herb grow, vegetables, flowers etc. -- WHY BUBBBLEBAGDUDE FABRIC GROW BAGS? As our company expands, we are proud to introduce you or new FABRIC GROW CONTAINERS.We’ve been selling HIGH QUALITY extraction bubble bags and extraction machines trusted Brand for more than 9 years. As our company expands, we are proud to introduce you or new FABRIC GROW CONTAINERS.