Hanging Planters Large 13.2 In Resin Flower Pots Outdoor, Garden Planters for Plants

- Sturdy Hanger & Outdoor Use – Adjustable rope with khaki finishing hanger withstands the elements while providing secure support. (The hanging height can be adjusted to your needs.) A heavy-duty triple-rope hanger ensures that your baskets stay safe and secure wherever they're installed.
- Contemporary Industrial Style - With a classic sense of style, the Hanging Sphere planter features a contemporary industrial look for a delightful play of light and a natural splash of fun. Includes a decorative, weather-resistant triple-rope hanger for easily ‘hanging around’
- Stackable - Comparing with Ceramic or Fiberglass planters, our resin clay planters are 30% of the weight of ceramic items and can be well stacked on the pallet. You will save shipping cost.
- 5-year Service Life – Comparing with plastic planters, our planters are stronger than plastic, and with long service life, It will not break in more than 5 years. Elegant and unique design will bring real natural effect on the planters. UV resistant, frost resistant which plastic planters don’t have.