Flower Seedling Nursery Pots 100 Pack Plastic Plant Pot Starter Pot for Seedling Little Garden Pots to Repot Succulents & Small Plants

- Novelty Bank’s latest plastic plant pots are a little bit(2mm) shorter but thicker than before. Our new PP material is denser, glossier and unbreakable from falling.
- These nursery pots are 3.5 inch across and 3 inch high, with good drainage holes in the bottom. Perfect size for cattis and succulents too.
- As starter pots, they are sturdier and cheaper than peat pots. Durable plastic material makes them even reusable for seedling.
- All little flower pots are painted brick red outside and deep brown inside, which give a look like pottery. Every pot can stand still. There are four "feet" at the bottom which make sure that fresh air can go through.
- You will get 100 little plastic seedling pots each package at the price listed. They are easy to be stacked up and stored.