Slotted Clear Orchid Pots – Growers Assortment

Slotted Clear Orchid Pots - Growers Assortment

These are wonderful pots for maximum drainage and airflow. Perfect for all orchid types (and African Violets too) with no worries about excessive mix leaking out of side slots because the slots are just the right size to contain potting material. Put two together (nested) and you can even adjust the side slot size from normal opening to zero opening. With 46 slots around and beneath the pot, you can be sure your orchid will enjoy uniform moisture levels throughout the potting mix. These Slot Pots have more drainage capacity at the base than any other single pot we carry. That's important to help prevent trouble caused by too much moisture at the root zone.

- 2 each of 3", 4", 5", and 6" Sizes.
- Perfect for Orchids, Succulents, African Violets, Tropicals, and more!
- Promotes Healthy Root Growth While Providing Excellent Drainage and Airflow.
- Includes Our Exclusive 3", 4", 5" and 6" Slotted Pots.
- Lightning Fast, Same Day Shipping!