KING BIRD Extra-Thick 2-Ply Reinforced Card Frame Raised Garden Bed Galvanized Steel Metal Planter Kit Box Grey 68″x 36″x 12″ with 8pcs T-Types Tag & 1 Pair of Gloves

- Extra-thick 2-Ply Reinforcement: Double card frames on the two sides of sheet make the garden bed more durably and stably; never worry about its distorted or collapsed and it presents much more beautiful design.
- Advanced Installation Design: Patent of this new installation design gives you a superbly convenient installation procedure; you just need piece together the card frame and sheet; a firm garden bed will present to you.
- Multilayer Galvanized Paint: Upgraded multilayer galvanized paint efficiently prevents rust and continues to beauty; also never worry about that pest and rain damage the wood garden bed; galvanized steel garden bed provides a lasting use and no discoloration.
- Vertical Stripe Updated Design: We combine the vertical stripe and the card holder design to improve the raised bed ability in bearing the soil and make the raised bed more textured and beautiful. This can prolong the service time of the raised bed.
- 8pcs T-type Tags & 1 Gloves Free: A pair of gloves provided to give you more convenience and comfort when working in the garden and 8pcs T-type Tags to help you record the growth process of flower and vegetable.