Wall Hanging Vertical Garden Hanging Planter – 7 Pockets

Vertical Garden Hanging Planter, 7 Pockets, Wall Hanging Mount Planter Plant Grow Bag for Flower Vegetable - Indoor / Outdoor

- Hang almost anywhere: Yards, fence, Apartments, Balconies, Patios, Schoolyards, and community and rooftop gardens
- EASY TO INSTALL- HANG ONE OR HANG MANY: Cover an entire wall in living art by hanging several planters side by side. The metal eyelets/grommets make hanging your vertical garden planter quick and easy- and flexible... rotate or reorganize them anytime you want to change up your patio's look. Each hanging planter is 40 in x 12 in (102 cm x 30 cm). Weight of the planter :0.31kg
- PREMIUM ECO-FRIENDLY NON-TOXIC RECYCLED MATERIALS: Super-strong & soft felt pockets are non-toxic and made from recycled water bottles. The pockets retain enough moisture to keep soil moist for longer while being permeable enough to allow proper drainage to avoid water stagnation and to keep your plants healthy.
- 7 pockets plant glow bag is designed with felt material which retain water and release slowly for the perfect soil conditions;
Match several planters together for covering large wall areas. Move as will;