Vertical Garden Planter, Kisstaker 4 Pockets Wall Haning Felt Planter Bags Wall Mount Planter Indoor Outdoor Planter Growing Bag

- Soil Never Leaked: The vertical garden planter could hold the soil in properly and have never leaked. Four pockets could grow a variety of plants.
- Felt Meterial: Hold moisture good and allow drainage and can breathe. Resistant, Eco Friendly and Non Toxic. Excess water will automatically drain through felt material. Lightweight design for easy movement and hanging.
- Easy to hang up on any location. Strong and friendly quality felt material.
- Fixed: The vertical garden planter could be easily attach to a fence by zip ties and mounted on a wall using nails with a larger heads. Or you are mounting to a wall with screws you should get washers to keep the heads of the screws from slipping through the grommets.
- Soft-sided, breathable and modular. No complex hydroponics or container-stacking.