Orbit Traveling Sprinkler

Orbit Traveling Sprinkler

Made from durable, weatherproof materials, the traveling sprinkler will last for years. The body is made of cast iron, perfect to weigh the sprinkler down and ensure it travels along the right path without stalling. Spiked rear wheel and durable gears provide smooth travel, giving your lawn an even watering.
- Self-propelled traveling sprinkler with 3-position speed control that can travel along any hose path.
- Covers up to 13,500 square feet along 200 feet of hose, with automatic shut-off functionality.
- Rust-proof, cast-iron body for stability and durability.
- Adjustable diameter spray coverage (15 feet up to 50 feet).
- Rotary spray for even and healthy water coverage.

Select from high, low or neutral speed settings.

Use the ramp stop at any location along hose length to turn off sprinkler. The sprinkler stops when its shut-off plunger contacts the ramp stop.

Simply twist each spray arm to adjust diameter watering from a minimum of 15-feet to 55-feet for maximum coverage.

Position sprinkler atop any 5/8-feet hose in any pattern you select. Water pressure powers the sprinkler for up to 200-feet of travel along your hose.